Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian by Eoin Colfer


Since the last book of the series, The Atlantis Complex, that was really it for me. I never looked back again. I love this series to pieces, especially Foaly, but Atlantis Complex really did it for me. After reading it, I didn't really cared if there was ever going to be a next one. So Apparently there was, The Last Guardian. This was released in 2012 and I probably read The Atlantis Complex in 2011? and I only found out recently about The Last Guardian when I was browsing through an ebook shelf.

The title was not familiar to me and I'm sure I have never read it. Googling it confirmed my hunch that it was the last part of the series. I've downloaded the ebook for a few months now but haven't really got to start reading it since there are still so many on top of that list.

I have really big expectations for this book. I'm hoping this will get my love and excitement for Artemis' world back.

I was also thinking of  giving Atlantis Complex another chance. I want to reread it. Maybe there was just something off about me the time I was reading it.

Hooray for second chances! And the chances of me reading it before the end of the year? Pretty slim.

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