CoHF Clace Cave Deleted Sexy Scenes!


To demishadowhunt19, thank you so much for your question to Cassandra Clare! Because of that, we have a director's cut of the CoHF Clace cave scene... yes, that one!

I'm not gonna post it here in full, because this blog is wholesome, thank you very much (LOL to that). Sucks that this scene was not included in the book itself! On second thought, I myself had difficulty suppressing them kilig feels of this here sexy times scene! I was squealing inwardly. Well I'm at the office, I can't go on exploding in fits of giggles, lest they discover what I'm actually doing during work time! Hahahahaha! Yup, this stuff's NSFW!

Here's the end part of it, the rest you can read here.

“I love you,” she said, her hands in his hair. “I love you.”

She saw his eyes widen and something behind his expression crack. The last wall around his heart, the last piece of self-protection he’d held in place. It crumbled away into blazing light as he came undone against her, like sunlight bursting into a room that had been walled up for a long, long time. He buried his face in her neck, saying her name over and over before he collapsed against her shoulder. And when finally Clary closed her eyes she thought she saw the cavern blaze up in gold and white, wrapping them both in heavenly fire, the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

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