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This was originally posted on Nov. 27, 2013 on my old blog. I'm kind of stumped in how to write about Rainbow Rowell's Landline, so while I'm figuring that out, here's my two-cents about her most celebrated book, Fangirl.
Cather, together with her twin Wren (Cather-Wren, geddit? *shrugs Ask their lame mom) are entering college and while Wren is very excited about it, Cather doesn't feel the same way. She doesn't want to leave her dad alone, and she's sort of afraid of people. Ultimately, because of her father and getting used to her routine and she didn't want that to break. She has anxiety attacks and dreads going down to the cafeteria to eat because of... you guessed it, other people. I totally understand her, this is so me, like it's even freaky reading about it it's all so dejavu. Thank goodness I NEVER had to leave home for education purposes. I'd totally fail school from getting tired and not studying crying every night looking for my Mama. Hahaha, seriously, too many people creeps me out sometimes. I'd like to say that it has changed now that I'm a working mom but I don't think it applies since I'm pretty much doing same shit everyday! I remember that time my friend and I were so excited to go to this gig of this great Indie band for one night that came all the way from our capital. Silly of me to think that only a few would know the band and hence only a few would actually be there in the small venue. Turned out there were shitload of people who wanted to see them as well and they came in big groups and there were only two of us and we got intimidated, I was thinking if we go in we'll be the only awkward two girls standing on the corner and feeling left out while all the others are all chum buddies. In short, we never got in to watch the band we really really liked and went somewhere else. Stupid, stupid me!

Getting back to the story, we pretty much established Cather as this socially awkward, meek girl, and another point that I identify with her is that she's an English major like me! Obviously Cath loves reading as well as writing. I used to like writing and even thought of it in my future, but then I became content with my reading. Anyway, Wren sucks! She's the worst twin ever! Even though she regained herself towards the end, I still can't shake away how horrible she was with Cath. Cath needed her! Sure, by not helping her Cath learned to be sort of independent and meet other people, but Wren could have atleast assisted her while she adjusts. Then there's their dad, who I didn't realize from the start, is mentally ill. Their mom made a comeback after leaving them when they were in 3rd grade, typical that Wren was okay with it, part of her living free or something. I'd do the same as Cath, I wouldn't talk to her nor come near her. And Cath was right all along in not trusting her mother again, evidenced with that incident where Wren was hospitalized and she said she doesn't deal with things like that. Ha! And Cath was there for everyone, a good girl! Then she pretty much made a routine in college, by not going out and just doing her homework and.... WORKING ON HER CARRY ON SIMON FANFIC!

I have also become a Simon Snow series fan. Obviously it's inspired by JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, I just knew right away that Rainbow was a fan and that was sort of like her tribute to Harry Potter. I didn't even have to google it, I know it is. I wanted more of it! More of Gemma T. Leslie's and Cath's Carry On Simon!! Simon and Baz love story was a much greater love story than Twilight! Hahahaha! Rainbow tweeted something like she's working on the Simon Snow books... I'm fictionally gonna die!!!

Cath is allowed to take an advance subject, Fiction Writing, there she meets Nick, who is interested in working with her. It was kinda actually cute when they passed the notebook to each other and just do their thing. I really thought Nick was THE  guy for Cath, but thought maybe not when a few chapters later and after their writing sessions, Nick doesn't walk Cath to her dorm or offer to help or something. I already categorized him a loser... and was further enhanced when the douche submitted THEIR work and credited only himself, even though Cath said it was okay. But still his character became vital, as a lesson learned for Cath.

Levi, whom I never thought was THE one at first, thank goodness became the one! Eventually it became obvious that he got to kinda liking Cath, he's always there when Cath needs him and always lightens up the room! He was even there when Wren didn't show up for the Emergency Dance Party, I mean, who does that?? I really hate Wren.He's officially one of my fictional crush! Awkward as it, with Reagan being his ex and Cath's roomy... but I'm glad Reagan is this free spirited girl. BTW, I also think Reagan is scary! But I love her character. Very tough and full of spunk! Please, Miss Rainbow, I would also like to read Reagan's own story. Thank you.

I'm not finshed with Levi yet. The thing is, it's always so kilig reading about Cath and Levi. So highschool! Cath's first love and probably Levi's great love? Aaaah, especially that scene where they fell asleep together reading that book for Levis test... my smile was ear to ear! and the couch scene in Levi's room? Oh my goodness, Imma try Cath's weird face biting trick! Hahahaha!

This novel has truly broke some boundary or something, because it literally speaks of our generation. We are a generation of readers of fanfiction, are we not? We are a genration that has a certain way of dedicating ourselves to a story or a movie or a game that we love so much that it has changed our life in some way or another. Anyone can relale to this book, because everyone of us at one point love/d a superhero, fictional character, movie character, or a singer. How Cath reiterated the importance that she finish Carry On Simon before the final book of Simon was released, we understood that right? An unspeakable understanding. I just couldn't help but think back to the time that the Harry Potter movies ended. That was it, I felt the finality of it. It broke my heart and my tears are clouding my eyes as I type this, but it's okay because I always have it in my heart. I'll always "come back home."

I LOVE THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT REMINDED ME OF WHO I AM. It made me step back and look at who I am now, how I came to be after years passed since the last of something that I loved so much and realize that that love is still there. Although I have my own family, I still have that me that I liked so much a few years back, but I'm not pretty bad myself now come to think of it! Hahaha!

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