Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy: Why I Didn't Finish the Series


posted Aug 7, 2012, 9:55 PM [ updated Aug 22, 2013, 9:40 PM ]
August 1, 2012
Firstly, because it got so tiring. The fuckity fickity fuck made no more sense at the middle of Fifty Shades Darker. It took all my will power to finish it, actually, because I promised myself to finish a book I started before starting another one. Which brings us as to why I'm not gonna read the third book. All my willpower was spent on the second book.   I don't know lang ha, maybe because for the past years I've been reading the classics and children's literature, that maybe I have become prude? Shock-shock pa ang drama nako sa BDSM thingy. And I was also thinking this: I have a daughter, what if some billionaire gave her the same proposition? Hell no! I'll kill the bastard! Hindi malayong mangyari, lots of psychos today. Lots of billionaires? LOL.   Let's admit that it is not well-written and plot is crappy. Well, it did start as a fanfic (and there’s nothing wrong with fanfics, just that the writers are not professionals). Besides the fact that it's so typical and that it's easily predictable, the lines are recycled over and over and over and over. Just like the sex. It gets so frustrating reading the same line chapter after chapter in only those two books that I've read. I kinda have the idea that it’s the same in the third book.   Depth, please! Maybe that is asking too much. It is categorized as an erotica. Again, maybe nasanay lang talaga sa ibang genre. I'm sorry but this might sound too critical and harsh and maybe an irrational comparison, but the few pages of The Little Prince has more sense than the three books of Fifty Shades combined (even though I haven't, and will not, read the 3rd book). All right, now scratch that! It's just in my mind and I wanted to say it out loud. *smirk*   Now I may seem as the little ungrateful cunt to you (especially to the fans of the trilogy), after being "pleasured" by the book and here I am "dissing" it (it's my opinion, fuck off). Well, because it has not kept me satisfied, but oh how I wish it had! I guess I'm just way over the dream guy phase that's why Christian's charm doesn't work no more.   Remember the time you were asked what your ideal man was? The answer is Christian Grey. It's all him, including the fifty shades. Rich, good-looking, sexy, indulging, UBER protective, good in bed and fucked up. Women like fixing things. Broken things.  Broken fifty. This is what draws the women. I shiver at the thought of replacing sympathy with love. Christian is OUR fantasy. Sadly most women has not yet overcome their fantasies and is living it in Christian. Escapist ba kamo? Or it could be sexual frustrations? Hahahaha!   But ofcourse, I will credit the good experiences I had with this read. The kilig is... ah, I don't even have words for it. It was like traveling back to 2001. Reading all those tagalog pocketbooks and just remembering the good times. LOL! I just realized that maybe this is why I'm so disappointed. The time travel stopped for me in the second book.
  The fact that Anna was a literature student also kept me interested. I loved all the allusions in the book. I respect the fact that the writer has kept true to Anna's character as being a book lover. She introduced me to Thomas Hardy. Except maybe the Icarus part. She pointed that out too many times that it became redundant.   And of love? It greatly defines the saying, "you and me against the world." Actually, "you and me, plus Taylor, against the world." It gives us hope of love. Teaches us a bit of unconditional love, just don't mind the BDSM part.   But most of all, this is the best lesson the story has imparted: BIRTH CONTROL. Yes people, birth control. Christian is the safe sex king.   Laters, baby! 
 The new trailer for Fifty Shades has just been released and will hit theaters in Valentine's day next year.

Would you watch it? I won't. That would be embarrassing.

See the trailer below.

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