Hollow City by Ransom Riggs


In the modern world, the wights take the peculiars through to the London Underground, and begin loading them onto the train. But while they are trying to force Emma on, Emma heats up her hands, melts through her handcuffs, and burns the wight on the face, saving Jacob. Meanwhile, to Jacob's shock, Bronwyn tears Joel and Petter away from each other, causing them to scream and shatter the train's windows and knocking Jacob, Emma, and the wights down. Emma and the wights go unconscious immediately, while Jacob is on the brink of following suit and passing out. 

Jacob starts to drag Emma away from the train, but collapses from the pain. He watches the others being loaded on the train and taken to an unknown destination. 

He awakens later to find himself in a phone booth, Emma is still unconscious, with Addison licking the two in attempt to wake them up and soothe them. Jacob is about to ask Addison how he got there, but Jacob's phone rings, and he answers, hearing his father's worried voice. Jacob is about to tell his father to stay calm, when the Rogue Hollow appears, lifting up the phone booth and slamming it back down, shattering the glass. It grabs Jacob by the throat and lifts him up, slowly strangling him. 

Jacob, on the edge of surrendering, gives in to the pain he feels whenever a hollow is near. Deep down inside, he feels a whisper, and lets it rise, speaking in the language of the hollow and telling it to "Back off". Upon hearing this, the hollow immediately lets go of Jacob and sits back. Jacob quickly tells his Dad that he's okay, and that he loves him and his mother. Jacob hangs up and assures Addison and Emma that the hollow won't attack. Then, he turns back to the hollowgast. Speaking the hollow language, Jacob orders the Rogue Hollow to stand.
Rate: 5 stars

 What the heck, man! Ransom, why are you tearing me apart?! You cruel, cruel man! That cliff-hanger was worse than Rick Riordan's Mark of Athena! Seriously, was that it? The months of waiting will be awful and you, Ransom, are to blame!

I love Hollow City better than Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, because who doesn't love epic road trips and wild adventures? Each of the peculiars are beautifully showcased and they are  all just so endearing.

Enoch's a jerk, but I think I'm developing a crush on him more than Millard, eventhough he's book worminess is so hot. Hahaha! Hugh did that awesome thing with the bees when the children were captured, poor Horace, I don't think he was given much exposure. I can only remember that part wherein he was consulted about his dream.

Emma, I thought on MPPC was this very tough chick, but she definitely went down a notch or two in Hollow City. Her romance with Jacob was not at all that icky, not at all cute also, but dang does Jacob have these awesome heart melting lines! I'm not too convinced of their pairing yet. Bitterly, I will wait for it to bloom in the coming sequel.

I have such great respect for Bronwyn for always thinking of the little ones first before anything else. Her tender heart is such a beautiful stark contrast to her Herculean strength. Dear, dear little Olive. So adorbs and always says the darnest things.

I was so excited to be reading Miss Peregrine's witty lines again, the horror of finding out that it was her brother Caul all along, well that was truly a shocker. What an awful reason for Jacob to stay, but admittedly it would have been more awful if he just went home and turn his back on his friends.

So what have I learned? Nurture your talents and don't take them for granted. Always, always have your friends' backs because they will always have yours. Most importantly, hold on to that love, even when it reaches a state of becoming unreasonable as long as you know its true.

BUT WHY DID IT HAD TO END THAT WAY?! It's gonna be torture!

By the way, Miss Peregrine's movie adaptation is already in motion, they are gonna hold auditions to play Jacob. God willing, it'll be out by next year!

It will be directed by the master, Tim Burton, so it's going to be great.

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