The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides


In a quiet suburb of Detroit, the five Lisbon sisters--beautiful, eccentric, and obsessively watched by the neighborhood boys--commit suicide one by one over the course of a single year. As the boys observe them from afar, transfixed, they piece together the mystery of the family's fatal melancholy, in this hypnotic and unforgettable novel of adolescent love, disquiet, and death. Jeffrey Eugenides evokes the emotions of youth with haunting sensitivity and dark humor and creates a coming-of-age story unlike any of our time.

How do you handle suicide? Especially when the one who committed suicide was only 13? A suicide is hard enough to fathom, but three suicides in the same night, and then another in the next month - in the same family? Beyond devastating.

What could have made the youngest of the Lisbon sisters commit suicide that young? Was it mental illness? What could make a 13-year old give up on life just like that?

I can't get over the darkness within the Lisbon family. I say blame the mother for everything that's happened. The girls seemed on the road to recovery talking to the fake pychologist in their school, then she withdraws them because one girl f*cked up. The father was a cliche husband that lets the wife take over. If he had been more assertive, things would have been different.

Who wouldn't think of suicide cooped in a declining house full of misery and filth. They must've drove theirselves insane. What's sick is, the sisters probably know full well how their neighbor boys have big crushes on them, and yet they tease them and made them the first to find them dead, which ultimately scarred the boys for life.

4 stars.

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