Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead



 First off, my apologies for taking too long to write this. A lot of things just happened and everything seemed like a whirlwind these past few weeks. But here I am and here are my thoughts about Silver Shadows.

It's a 5 stars for me, because Sydrian. Who can beat that?

The time that Sydney spent in reeducation felt a bit dragging. I think there were too many precious chapters wasted on that. Those chapters could have been more about Sydrian precious moments.

Kudos to Sydney for keeping herself together in all that has happened. I wish I could have said the same of Adrian. I admit, I was expecting that to happen- that he would crack and breakdown. So no surprise there. Getting his act together in the end and pulling through to finding Sydney, well, it was not all because of him but he had major role there. I was kind of hoping he'd take the lead in this grand escape plan.

I was as emotional as Sydney and Adrian in their first dream-walk since Sydney was captured. I felt everything that was written down like a piercing in the heart. The longing for each other and the dread and especially the love. I just love these two characters and everything they've been through was also hard for me. They're a different kind, you have to admit.

On to the escape, everything happened a bit too fast and it felt a little too easy to penetrate the Center. I was thinking they were suppose to have this super technology, barricaded fortress or whatever. Too much TV, I guess. But everything after that was just kick-ass awesome!

I love the fact that Sydney is a different kind of heroine from Rose. If Rose was on this kind of situation, of course we'd be expecting more explosions, more casualties, and more damages, as she will face everything coming to her head on. Sydney, however, is a genius in everything! She can outsmart everyone of those Alchemists, plus she has her earthly powers that can help her, and she does it with style and grace. She might be just running away from the problem, her courage is the same as Rose. She will eventually come up with a plan that will change everything and stop all the madness of the Alchemists.

Sheridan earned a spot after Dolores Umbridge in my hate list. Her character was really effective in raging up your inner demons. You just want to kill this woman! I hate her and all her and the Alchemists' ideologies!

There was just a lot of things that were happening. I never thought I'd get to experience Sydrian in heart-pumping, action packed scenes! But definitely the most important part of everything in the book was their wedding. That got me all choked up again. They are now husband and wife! I was wishing fir this to happen, but I wasn't expecting it to happen in this book. I thought they'd save it for the last one. Oh joy! But of course their trouble doesn't stop there. Jill was taken by the Alchemists, as they were informed by Rose and Dimitri, and now this poses as a threat to Lisa's reign.

This destabilization in the moroi kingdom is all Sydrian's fault. I have so many questions / predictions for the next book! Will Lisa blame them? Will she regret ever helping Adrian and Sydney? What are Rose and Dimitri thoughts about Adrian being with Sydney?

I'm crossing my fingers that Rose and Dimitri will have a major part in the next book in taking back Jill from the Alchemists. I'm sure Adrian and Sydney won't be sitting around waiting. Especially Eddie and the rest of the gang! I'm hoping Lisa will do something as well, she is her sister.

As to the Alchemists, I still can't quite add up how everything will be okay in the end. If they get destroyed, the morois will be exposed. Maybe Sydney will revolutionize a new type of Alchemists together with Marcus Finch? That'd be exciting!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

The dedication. So Sweet! Thank you, Ms. Mead!

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