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The only piece I've ever read from David was Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which he wrote with John Green. I've also read Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist! I loved the movie but I love the book more and everything was magical, the feels!!

WGWG is one of my favorite YA books. I especially love Tiny! It was a very funny book, but also at the same time very inspiring. And the musicals? Oh God the musicals! I just wanted to really see it.

Now I'm reading a purely Levithan book and I am totally at a loss for words at how beautiful every word that David has written on this book is. I am close to the end and already I am feeling a little sadness as I really don't know how A will end up; and again I am reminded of how love is really not enough.

A does not have a real body that he can call his own, but in my mind, as with Rhiannon's, he is so real, too real in fact, that I am already attached to this... this... this person.

I feel for him everytime he realizes some degree of humanness that he will never ever experience. Like waking up in the same bed with the person he slept with the night before, a family crying for him in his funeral, a pet! and also having someone to grow old with.

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