Now Reading - The Young Elites by Marie Lu


Yes, I'm definitely liking this story, so far. It's like X-Men in another time and world.

I'm sort of feeling a vibe between Enzo and Rafaelle here. Hmmmm.. will have to read on to find out!

I think I'm going to like Adelina's character. I foresee a character trope of weak at first but will rise and vanquish all that stands in her way. I really feel a strong character underneath Adelina. She's gutsy, and that's undeniable. I was thinking she should be a little scarred from the death of her father, which in some way is also her fault. The visions of her father she sees from time to time is downright creepy but I don't think she's that bothered by it. just shows that what you give is what you get. Her father never gave her a second thought and so she's doing the same thing.

Violetta - I think that I will be annoyed with her character... but it is yet too early to tell.

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