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Meet my new fictional boyfriend...

Oh yeah, he has some tattoos. No biggie.

As if that's the reason why I'm inlove with him (actually is!)

So I'm guessing in the end he cuts off his long sexy hair? Bummer.


Hori Kyoko and Miyamuri Izuna are both leading double lives. Hori, popular at school, is actually a very responsible older sister to Sato. She never goes out  with friends after school because she has to pick up Sato from his preschool and take care of him as well as cook dinner before their workaholic parents come home late.

In Miyamuri's case, he doesn't want to be noticed at school and so he hides himself behind his glasses and his dark cascade of hair. But actually what he's really hiding underneath his hair are nine peircings! He endures the heat just so he can wear a jacket to cover up his tattoos. On top of that, he is not so good with academics, oppisite to the stereotype that people with glasses are smart.

In the beginning, Miyamuri had no friends. Until that fateful afternoon when he helped Sato and took him home and found out that he was Hori's little brother. Since then they became friends. Eventually their small circle turned to four, with the addition of Yuki, Hori's best friend in school, and Yoshikawa, who got rejected by Hori and also know Miyamuri's secret.

Really, really excited to read on, but as such is the problems of an adult, my work is getting in the way... and so goodbye for now!


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