Percy Jackson New Book Covers, New Books!


Percy Jackson All New Covers Mural 
The new covers of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is by John Rocco, the same artist that did the old covers. So are you digging it?

Yeah, it's fine. Not a lot of difference but still cool that there's something new going on with them.

Speaking of new, Rick Riordan, the author of the series has three more books set to be released this year. Isn't it exciting? The first is "The Staff of Seraphis," in which Annabeth Chase will be meeting Sadie Kane, a character from his other series, The Kane Chronicles, to be released on April 8th. The second book is "Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods," to be released the day after Percy's birthday, August 19th. Lastly, the one I'm sure we're most eager about, "The Blood of Olympus," the final installment in the Percy Jackson series, The Heroes of Olympus, set to be released on October 7th. Ugh! So loooong!

But we, from camp hafl-blood, we will wait!

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