City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare



They are all so chummy and so friendly with each other and they are all paired up, silly love birds... and then there's Alec and Magnus. Huh, makes you wish they hadn't fall in love in the earlier books just so they could be together with all the other pairings.


Oh how I missed my Simon. Yup, he is officially now the hottest vampire in town- that is, in Izzy and Maureen's eyes. I don't get why he's keeping the fairy ring? I'm just afraid that it could be an instrument or something that can make him suffer in the future, since it comes from the fair folks who claims that are incapable of lying but are very much traitorous creatures!


Seriously, the Seelie Queen and Sebastian? That was a shocker. How did Sebastian even wooed her? Was there even a wooing necessary? Seriously, seriously...! I bet this will bring the demise of the fair folk, I just feel it!

They trust a person that is the most detestable man walking the earth right now- or wherever realm he may be! Surely they will be served with what is fit for them for breaking the Accords.

Hooray for new characters! Albeit their introduction to the story is a bit grim, the Blackthorns are pretty intriguing and are all charming characters, as well as Emma Carstairs. Cassandra’s build-up of this brood for her next series, The Dark Artifices, and is very appealing. I would definitely wait for it! I already have a favorite- Tiberius! I sense this intelligence about him that could probably make him lovable for future readers of that series, and that he will be exceptional.

This character has been in the earlier books but we get to read about a different Brother Zachariah! He turns back to his previous form as a Nephilim after being touched by the heavenly fire. This was a very good curve in the story, and then we learn about him a little more, specifically about Tessa Gray. I love that not everything that's happening are centered to the Nephilim world and the most important of them like Jace and Clary and the Lightwoods, etc. Everybody gets a share at the spotlight. Oh and he got hot! Well, that's according to Izzy. Simon is hot for her, so I'll take her word about Brother Zachariah.


(as of page 215)


Maia and Lily, a vampire loyal to Raphael, teamed up to bring Maureen down. Although that was quite a let-down. We’re talking about vampires and werewolves here! There should have been this epic fight in the human world while the shadow world is also on the edge… but there wasn’t. Maureen was easily subdued by being tricked into drinking holy water. I enjoyed the team work between the downworlders in New York though. I would love to see this scene in flesh: the vampires and werewolves in the abandoned police station, on their phones, working together, gathering supporters for the Shadow Hunters.

Cassie truly presented girl power here which is really great. Besides the main characters, Clary and Izzie, two others stood out for me. Raphael being killed by Sebastian, made Lily the leader of the New York vampire clan and also fittingly became the representative for the Children of the Night in the Council. Luke abdicated as pack leader of the werewolves in NY, and the same thing happened to Maia. She became pack leader and representative in the Council. It’s impressive because her companions are immortals, Magnus and Lily having acquired all this knowledge and such through the ages, while she’s just 16!!! And lemme just also say she beat the crap out of that dude that wanted to take over the pack from Bat while he was standing in for Luke. Ha!

I had a little difficulty reading because of the omniscient POV. I just got used to reading books narrated by first person because I read all the Vampire Academy series and Bloodlines series straight! Hahaha! So I kept going back a few paragraphs to understand it thoroughly.

We are all suckers for happy endings, and sadly this is the ending for their story. We move on to the next generation and as much as that makes me sad, I also want to move on and explore more about this world and the changes that come with the new series. Clary and Jace are more than fine, as well as Magnus and Alec. I know their dilemma and how do they get through that? Love always has the answer. It was just Carpe Diem for them. Simon and Izzie..! Okay I’m not a fan of this pair. I love him and Clary together but I understand the boundary of their friendship and I see how perfect Clary is for Jace. I guess their love story just didn’t have this epic fall out like with Clace and Malec and so I don’t empathize with them so much. The most of their problem was DTRing.

But I’m so proud of Simon! And myself too for picking the best character to love! In the end he saved them all. He is the biggest hero. Honestly, I didn’t felt the gravity of the consequence of him losing his memory about the Shadow world. Not until I placed myself in Clary’s shoes. Instantly my chest tightened and I was literally out of breath. It was like this sadness that suddenly drowned me. That was scary. If I had a Simon, it would tear me apart to not be a part of his life anymore (fan girling).
When all hope seemed lost, Magnus comes to the rescue. I squealed when I read “The Mortal Instruments” as Simon’s new band name!! Tears just rolled down on the part, “and it was Simon and it was Simon and it was Simon.

His character is undeniably the most developed throughout the books. From being a mundane, to a vampire, to a daylighter, then having the Mark of Cain, then back again to a daylighter, and eventually back again to a mundane…. Finally to be a Shadow Hunter through Ascending!

I wish there would be more about Simon as a Shadow Hunter. He’d be pretty bad ass. And please a visual of him in gear! Ugh. This is killing me. I’m constantly checking on Tumblr for any CoHF meme or fan art... whatever!

6 out of 5 stars!

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