The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Homaygad I didn't think I would finish this book right away! I really thought I'd be bored, after seeing the movie first. Just shows the unrelenting powers of a book over any other medium! Another point for books!

Amazingly, the movie adaptation, in my opinion, really did justice to the book. From the uber extravagant parties, to those awfully big mansions of Jay Gatsby and the Buchanans and the fast cars, everything was just right. It depicted the roaring 20s like it is. Everything so hip and

An unexpected enjoyable read. A page-turner in every way possible. I was so smitten by Gatsby and Nick's character. I'm not so much taken to Daisy but I love Jordan Baker. Tom Buchanan disgusts me.

I love the scene where on Nick's first party in Gatsby's mansion, they went in his library and then this guy said, they're all real- the books! In my wild imaginings, I was seeing the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Books from floor to ceiling, books all around and everywhere!

My new year's resolution was to read more books than last year and to read more classics than popular fiction, but you guys know how resolutions are. They're never fulfilled... in my experiences, that is.

I'm trying! I think that's enough for now.

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