Matilda by Roald Dahl



I saw the movie adaptation when I was a kid. I did try to identify myself with her but she had a horrible life, so nevermind. I loved the movie though. Years later I found out that it was actually a book by the same author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was also made into a movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in the 70s.

Gosh this author is weird. But I thought then he made exciting stories! So reading this book now was more like travelling down to memory lane. It's also been a long time since I last saw the film, this book made me want to see it again. It's a very good thing that nothing was changed, and the film kep true to the story.

Personally I am ashamed that Matilda has read those classics, especially Sherlock Holmes. I've never read any Sherlock in my life! Hahahaha! But of course I plan to read in soonest!

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