Cassie's Answer to Simon's Struggles


I don’t think that when struggles are over, they are rendered meaningless. I think that if there is something that feels weird about Simon’s ending, it is that everyone else gets what feels like closure. Simon gets what feels like an opening for more story. And there will be more story — in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and even in TDA. I can see how that would make one feel “this ending is different/strange/why do I feel differently about it than the endings for the other characters?” And sometimes when things feel strange, we struggle to identify why – too happy, too sad, too overdetermined, too unclear? Maybe that explains the range of response to some extent. And also just that readers are always different people. A book is a bit of a kaleidescope – every person who looks in it will see the same glittering crystals, but never in quite exactly the same arrangement. x

This was exactly what I felt after City of Heavenly Fire with Simon. I got so excited that he was going to be a shadowhunter! Somehow I knew Cassie wasn’t gonna leave the story just that. Weeks later she announced the there will be more about Simon in an upcoming Tales from the Shadow Hunter Academy.

People have a lot of questions about the ending of the series, so do I. But this is the most perfect answer out of all the questions Cassie has answered! 

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