33rd Book of the Year


I have officially broken my own record of books read in a year. Last year I was only able to read 32 books. I was really disappointed about it, but it was all good because I was able to read lots of great books last year.

The 33rd book that I just finished reading is Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Reptile Room. I started reading this earlier this year and only got around to finishing it upon realizing the next book I finish will be the book that breaks my record.

I felt a little guilty that I didn't put time in reading this book, because I really wanted to finish the whole series. I kept putting it on hold because of new books that I would start to read and forget about The Reptile Room. To appease myself of the guilt, I promised to finish reading it and make it historical by making it the record breaker.

November is in a week, do I still have the time to reach 50 books? Let's get it on!

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