Crazy Things I Found Out


Well we can all just go home now. Fight is over, this dude's got it in the bag for Guinness World Record's largest collection of Harry Potter "pieces" in the world! x

The roles of Hazel and Gus have been cast for the Bollywood remake of The Fault in Our Stars. Varun Dhawan and Deepika Padukone will star as Gus and Hazel respectively. x

Can you imagine Hazel and Gus dancing Bollywood style? Hehehe... I wanna check this out. Bollywood movies are very entertaining, but they do take too long, like maybe 2 and a half hours to 3 hours! Some even take 4 hours!

Varun-Dhawan-fault-in-our-stars Deepika_Padukone-fault-in-our-stars

 Lionsgate has announced a campaign in which new Twilight short films will be created by aspiring female filmmakers. x


I'm sure the twihards are going crazy right now and in full battle armor to support this project. Yay for female filmmakers!

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