Fave Quotes from The Spectacular Now


Some quotes from The Spectacular Now that kind of struck me while I was reading it.

See, this is the other side of the coin. This is a girl’s downfall. The guy goes soft in the head and starts talking to her like a moron, and she wants to take care of him. He’s just her cuddly fool who can’t make it without her. She melts and he melts and it’s all over then.

Look, girls are transitional people. They don’t just break up with a guy and then sit around and wait to get asked out. They keep their boyfriend hanging on till they know somebody else is interested in them. Then it’s the ax for the old dude and hugs and kisses for the new guy. I’m telling you.

I didn’t think she’d drunk enough to get to the crying stage, but maybe it doesn’t take as many when your emotions are a little raw in the first place.

...but the thing that really strikes me is her books. A plastic snap-together set of bookshelves stands against one wall, row after tidy row of paperback books lining each shelf. And even though she ran out of shelf space and had to stack probably a hundred more paperbacks against the wall, those rows are just as spruce as the others.

I’m the guy that’s going to crack open her cocoon. She doesn’t need to change me—she needs me to change her. At least until her little butterfly wings get strong enough to fly away.

I am spectacularly drunk.

It’s so different having her in my arms compared to Cassidy. Cassidy brings something beautiful to me from the outside. Aimee brings something beautiful up from the depths of my insides.

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