Finshed Reading - Order of the Phoenix (At last!)


After a month of struggling, I have finally finished rereading the fifth book of the Harry Potter series. You could say I was in a reading slump. I think I still am. I haven't finish any in the past weeks and that's really beginning to alarm me.

Usually when I get into situations like this, I try to read other books, but this time it's not working as I hoped it would. I've started about four books and none I haven't gotten half of! Now should be the very moment to be reading my as off because it's summer break, but instead I'm in this slump... all those precious time I could be reading!

What have I been doing when not reading? Well, wasting my brains in social media I guess. And TV! I haven't been down that road in months and like I just want to lie down in my couch and watch stuff, even if I've seen the movie before, I just ogle on like it was my first time seeing it. I hate what I have been doing in the past weeks because it didn't involve reading in a voracious manner. What's worse is I wasn't even trying! The mojo just wasn't there. I didn't want to read stuff forcibly, it'd take away the very essence of reading, like reading required reading materials for school!

I did read close to 200 pages last night so I hope I'm cured!

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