New Book and Cover from Joanne and Rainbow


I love every book Rainbow Rowell has ever written! Even the fictional story in her fiction, Fangirl. It's releasing on October 6th and I can't wait. And the cover? Here it is people.

What do you think? Do you love it? I was expecting faces, not silhouettes, to be honest. My mind was pretty much conditioned in that direction. Buuuuut I love that it's very different from Rainbow's other book covers. They were cute-sy and this one's a bit dark and I think they're puckering up for a kiss!!! Don't you think so too? This'll be interesting to read since everyone's pretty much curious whether it'll have the writing style of Gemma T. Leslie or Cather Avery or just Rainbow flavor all the way? Honestly, whatever the style, it's all Rainbow and everything she creates are pretty much magic, so everyone will surely love 'em!

Our friend  Robert Galbraith (Joanne, ofcourse) is releasing the third book in his Cormoran Strike series, and the title will be "Career of Evil" and will hit shelves this autumn. No synopsis and covers yet but the publisher Little, Brown promises more in the coming days.

I have yet to read this series. I know, I'm so behind! I'll get to it somehow... *looks at long TBR list

I also stumbled upon the news that there's a Will Grayson, Will Grayson spin off "Hold Me Closer: The Tiny Cooper Story" that will obviously focus on Tiny Cooper. Kill me now because I love, I mean really LOVE, Tiny Cooper and I just knew about it now! I am so ashamed!


Update: It was released on March 17, 2015.

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