Ozera is a Wayland is a Vampire is a Shadowhunter


For quite sometime now we have been waiting with bated breath of news about The Mortal instruments TV series. It will start shooting in Toronto in May, and will premiere on ABC in 2016. But the best news? WE'VE GOT OUR JACE WAYLAND!

Dominic Sherwood, memba' him? Ofcourse you do! His practically everywhere! Paparazzi shots with his hot girlfriend and star of Modern Family Sarah Hyland.

In the Taylor Swift music video of "Style."

Vampire Academy fans raise your hands!!! He played Christian Ozera in the movie adaptation of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy novel, where he met Sarah Hyland who played Natalie Dashkov.
Unlike the dark-haired vampire royalty Christian, to be Jace, first and foremost he will have to dye his hair blonde. TMI fans would have loved JCB back as Jace but Dom it is and aren't we just thankful that there's a TV series? City of Ashes movie was never a sure thing anyway.

We have our male lead, now we gotta know who the female lead is right? Who is your dream cast? But I think anyday now, we'll have our Simon first.

Robert Sheehan was a perfect Simon. I wish with all my heart he gets recasted but I guess that's very unlikely. Whoever gets casted as Simon has a lot of things to live up to - no pressure! Hahaha!

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