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Ugh! I did it again! I randomly picked a book and read it! And thank God for that because I love it so so much! I am definitely loving June. She is hands down the most bad ass character! Well next to Rose Hathaway, but then again she's moroi while June's human. Rose has those extraordinary strength, agility and skill because of her being half vampire, but June is just human.

I was reading another book but that one kind of scared me so I started reading this, and there was a lot of things going on in real life (yes I said real life) that distracted me from reading, so Legend brought me back on track. The scary book I was talking about is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. This book is dark! I still have to gather up some strength to finish it. Well, I'm a scaredy cat, so............

Back to Legend. This has been in my TBR pile since probably two years ago? And it's just been there in my device. Believe me when I say that I don't know anything at all about this book except about the author Marie Lu, that she went here in the Philippines and took photos of the slums in Cebu and posted it in her blog.

It was a slow start for me but in the next few chapters it kept me reading on and on and now I'm almost done and I can't wait to write about it!

Well, Day, yeah I like his character. The bad boy. But not to into him that much. Are there other guy characters in this book?? I'll just have to find out!

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