Now Reading - P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han


My friends and I had coffee last night to catch up. We rarely see each other, but when we do it's like nothing's change at all, like we just saw each other yesterday. We don't talk so much as well and that's what amazes me with the kind of friendship we all have.

The saying is true: It doesn't matter how many friends you have, they might be few as long as they are true, and that's what really counts.

My point is that... the coffee kept me awake till almost 4am! I read and read and waited for my eyes to get tired, but it did not happen! I attempted to sleep twice, putting down my tablet and shut my eyes, but my head was still buzzing like hell and my eyes were not as cooperative as well... alright my whole body! I was so awake!

It's was a first time. Coffee never affected me in that way before. It was a new coffee we tried. I forgot the name, but it had caramel on it.

And so I read through half the book in mere hours... and sad to say I'm not liking the story at all. It wasn't very engaging. I wouldn't mind not sleeping if I was reading, but the first half of the story just made me want to just sleep, beg for it, even!

I felt the story was dallying in irrelevant things, and there's not so much Peter! They're officially together now, but why isn't there so much Peter and Lara Jean moments?? It's frustrating!

Crossing my fingers that the other half of the story turns things around, because I really want to love this story, and to not feel like I've waited and got my self excited only to be disappointed.

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