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Hiya! It's been a long time. I thought I could focus on school if I stopped reading for a while, but that didn't work. It only made me be distracted with other things. And by other things I mean my semi-obsession with ONE OK ROCK.

I freakin made an IG account for it! Do you know how much dedication has to be put into updating said account? I have to constantly be up to date with whatever they are doing, especially because they are on tour! I'm not obligated but as a fangirl, there are no such thing as obligations! It's pure LOVE!

I don't feel that it was a waste of time because it was a very fulfilling thing (being a fangirl) to be doing. It just made me feel guilty that I put hold my reading for school, but no time was actually put into school work.

I'm sorry, Reading and all the books and stories that I've wronged! I'm never doing it again! You have my attention now. I promise I'll make it all up to you! I love you, you're my life! #weirdo

Anyhoo, started catching up to latest releases I was looking forward to reading. Currently reading Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. It's everything I've hoped for - and so much more! Sometimes after every chapter, I expect to read about Cather.

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