Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan



Zeus has punished his son Apollo–god of the sun, music, archery, poetry, and more–by casting him down to earth in the form of a gawky, acne-covered sixteen-year-old mortal named Lester. The only way Apollo can reclaim his rightful place on Mount Olympus is by restoring several Oracles that have gone dark. What is affecting the Oracles, and how can Apollo/Lester do anything about them without his powers? After experiencing a series of dangerous–and frankly, humiliating–trials at Camp Half-Blood, Lester must now leave the relative safety of the demigod training ground and embark on a hair-raising journey across North America. Fortunately, what he lacks in godly graces he's gaining in new friendships–with heroes who will be very familiar to fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series. Come along for what promises to be a harrowing, hilarious, and haiku-filled ride.


The haikus are getting terrible, all in good nature though. Some are funny at the least.

There's something about Lester Papadopolous that makes me not excited to read the book. Kane Chronicles is looking good compared to this series. I don't know why, this series makes me lazy. I still love the story though. I guess I'm just not too into Apollo. Gods, he's so vain, I can't even. But you can see his character developing, but still not enough though. Like a pendulum that keeps swinging back and forth. You think he's reformed but then swings back to his vanity.

Leo with Calypso… I'm still getting to terms with this. I thought I liked them, but I guess I liked them when they had that tragic love story going. They feel good together but I guess I got so used to Leo being a single person in previous series, but I am all for his happiness, no doubt about it! Will probably warm up to them soon. That is, if they're still on the next book. Heard they plan to settle in Waystation.

Also about this, I'm not so into the idea of them leaving Lester alone. There's Meg, but seriously? He needs their guidance. How could they? But anyway, Lester has accepted it, I should also. I hope Meg takes good care of our Lester. Sigh.

Next destination, camp Jupiter! Woohoo!! I miss them…!!!


4 stars

P.S. Just finished reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. Will be sharing my thoughts on it tomorrow! XD

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