Review - The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan


Magnus Chase, a once-homeless teen, is a resident of the Hotel Valhalla and one of Odin's chosen warriors. As the son of Frey, the god of summer, fertility, and health, Magnus isn't naturally inclined to fighting. But he has strong and steadfast friends, including Hearthstone the elf, Blitzen the dwarf, and Samirah the Valkyrie, and together they have achieved brave deeds, such as defeating Fenris Wolf and battling giants for Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Now Magnus faces his most dangerous trial yet. His cousin, Annabeth, recruits her boyfriend, Percy Jackson, to give Magnus some pointers, but will his training be enough?

Loki is free from his chains. He's readying Naglfar, the Ship of the Dead, complete with a host of giants and zombies, to sail against the Asgardian gods and begin the final battle of Ragnarok. It's up to Magnus and his friends to stop him, but to do so they will have to sail across the oceans of Midgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim in a desperate race to reach Naglfar before it's ready to sail. Along the way, they will face angry sea gods, hostile giants, and an evil fire-breathing dragon. Magnus's biggest challenge will be facing his own inner demons. Does he have what it takes to outwit the wily trickster god?

I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet. This one's the least of my favorite from the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Series so far. I always loved when the heroes go on a quest but their quest for me was unexciting. I find that it lacks something, what that is I can't really pinpoint. I'm probably basing this from Percy Jackson & the Olympians Heroes of Olympus. I think I'm just looking for the feeling I had felt reading the other series.

I do love that we get to know more about Mallory, TJ and Halfborn, though the stories we learned about them were why they died. Another plus is that Sam is not only written as a Muslim and ended at that. Rick even went as far as writing about Sam fasting for Ramadan. I'm sure this educated many readers about one of the important things for Muslims.

Alex and Magnus - they are officially cannon! I was already anticipating it in the previous book and left me disappointed that there was no progress there yet. Then Magnus dropped the bomb with so many as witness... not cool but cute in a little dorky way. Not that I'm just all about Alex and Magnus thing, but I'm really really looking forward where they'll progress in the next books.


Then before I even knew what was happening, she kissed me. She could have bitten off my mouth and I would have been less surprised.

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