Simon and Izzy


The latest news for the Shadowhunter series was casting Dom Sherwood as our Jace, and now we have a Simon and an Isabelle.

Alberto Rosende (a relatively new actor) will play Simon while Emeraude Toubia (also new) will play Isabelle Lightwood, ABC Family announced Friday afternoon. x

They are new actors and its freaking me out that we won't see a sort of reference to their previous works! Eeeep! I am only consoled with the thought that Cassie thinks they are great.

Seeing this video of Alberto thanking the fans, yeah.... I do see him as Simon! I'm happy with the cast thus far. And I love that it's diverse. Casting done right!

Shadowhunters begins filming its 13-episode season later this year and reboots the story seen in The Mortal Instruments book and film. A premiere date hasn’t been set.

Hey, here's the series' title art! It's awesome!


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