A Series of Fortunate Events Brought to us by Netflix


Netflix has announced plans to adapt Lemoney Snicket’s beloved 13-part seriesA Series of Unfortunate Events.The live-action series will be geared towards children and families, though we imagine many young adults will be tuning in to see one of their favorite stories come to life.Netflix is currently in search of a director. x

First it was Gilmore Girls, now Netflix will be creating a live action a Series of Unfortunate Events! They just keep granting wishes!

Problem is, I don't live in America! Ugh...

I hear and read of ways on how to get Netflix, even if you're not from the US, but those things are just so complicated for me! FML.

But still happy about this though. Good for the young ones and not so young people that reaches Netflix!

Like, are you daydreaming of those beautiful scenes from the book also??

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