It's Always Been YES


Cassie posted on her tumblr a VERY long post that answers the most asked question she gets, “Will you write more Mortal Instruments books/write more about the TMI characters/will the TMI characters be in TDA/what happens to the TMI characters?

She answers quite simply- NO.  Cassie is not trying to hurt us or anything with her declaration, she doesn’t also mean that she will never ever write about them also, but not as the protagonists anymore. She goes on to explain why:

A while ago, my friend Stephanie Perkins did an interview on twitter and someone asked her if she would write another book about Anna and Etienne, the characters from Anna and the French Kiss. She said, “No, because I don’t want to have to hurt them more.”

See? She would never do anything to let us down, her fans and readers. What she’s doing is protecting her characters, the same characters that have been so attached to us and whom we have grown to love so much it breaks us.

Truly, this is not me saying that you will never see Jace and Clary, Simon and Isabelle, Magnus and Alec, again. In fact as we know Simon gets his own ten-novella book, like Magnus. (This is because I did not leave Simon in a happy place at the end of City of Heavenly Fire, so I feel okay about making him a protagonist, even hurting him, because he was already hurting. He didn’t really remember who he was, or his best friend, or the girl he was in love with. And Isabelle was heartbroken. So I’m fine with giving them closure, but to write more stories about Jace and Clary (or Malec) I would have to rip open old wounds and start the bleeding again.)

So the question is, do you want to see Jace and Clary be hurt again? No, I don’t think my heart can handle anymore feels for Jace and especially for Malec. But for Simon, he gets his shot at happiness in the ten-novella book that will soon be released. As much as I was hurting in CoHF because there was no closure for Simon, my favorite character, I knew that Cassie would never ever do that to Simon and I just knew that I had to trust Cassie that CoHF was not the end for Simon, and truly, it isn’t.

The short answer to the question “Will we see the crew from TMI in The Dark Artifices” is yes (as you can see in this snippet from Lady Midnight right here). It’s always been yes. You will see them, but they will not be the main characters. You will find out if they stay together…who gets married…who has what job…who breaks up…who has kids. All of that stuff is important: it creates continuity, and hopefully a feeling of a big, real world. 

… Hopefully, you’ll be willing to take a chance on falling in love with new characters and follow me — and Jace and Clary, and Simon and Izzy and Magnus and Alec — into the Dark Artifices. After all, there are as many Shadowhunter books to come as there are already published. We’re only just getting started. :)


YES, I would like to have more Shadowhunter books to read! Now, who’s excited for the upcoming wedding? I bet it’s Malec’s!

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